Friday, November 30, 2012

Final Project #16

Project 15: Smart Board

Blog Post Assignment #13

Back to the Future

Check out the video HERE

This video was made by students at Kansas State University. A Google document was made that asked the students what it is like to be a student today. The students were invited to answer the question and make edits to the document. By the time the document was completed, 367 edits were made to the document. The video then shows students sitting in a classroom holding up a piece of notebook paper with different random facts about being a student today. Some students said how much time in a day it takes them to eat, how much they sleep, or how much time is spent doing homework, ect. With all of the hours added together it came out to be 26.5 hours a day. So how does all of these tasks possibly get done? It is call MULTITASKING! If we did not know how to multitask, we would never get any sleep.

I enjoyed watching this video. It is amazing that students in 2007 felt the same way about technology then, that I do now. Technology has definitely brought an entire new way of learning into classrooms. Some teachers are not using textbooks any more and relying strictly on technology and the web. It is really no need to be required to by a $100.00 textbook whenever it will never be opened or whenever you can find the same information on the Internet. Technology can help save some money by possibly cutting down on the money spent on textbooks.

A Vision of Students Today

This is a video done by students at Kansas State University. There was a document made in Google that was sent out to ask the students what it is like being a student in the world today. The students were encouraged to answer the questions and edit the document. There were 367 edits made to the document by the time they were finished. Then the video shows the students sitting inside their classroom holding a piece of paper with random facts about what it’s like being a student today. There were some student that wrote how much time in a day it takes them to eat, how much sleep they get, time dedicated to homework, and so on. When all of the hours were added to together, it totaled up to be 26.5 hours a DAY. There is just one question, how do they get all of this done? The answer is multitasking! If we did not multitask, we would never sleep!
I thought this video was very informative. It is crazy to see that students five years ago are saying the same things we say about technology today! Technology has changed the way we teach, learn, and communicate in the classroom. There are even some schools that are ‘going green’ with no textbooks, paper, or pencils in their classrooms and using strictly technology. I think that technology might even help schools in saving money in the long run because no textbooks will not have to be bought, and honestly whatever is in the textbook you can more than likely find on the web!

Check out the video HERE!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

C4K Summary: November

This post was left for Genna, you can check out her blog HERE!

This is what Genna wrote in her post:
Louis XVI was sentenced to death on December 11, 1792. He was accused of bribery, lies, and many other things. Here is a list of all the crimes he was accused of. He lost his head on January 21, 1793. There was nothing he could do to get out of it, even though the accusations were sketchy and did not have much back up. His crimes were supposedly just a way to get rid of him.

Louis went up the steps to the guillotine in nervous manner. In an account from his confessor, it is said that he was very scared. However, he regained courage and remained calm, at least on the outside. He stood before the crowd and said his last words. King Louis announced, “I die innocent of all the crimes imputed to me. I pardon the authors of my death, and pray God that the blood you are about to shed will never fall upon France.” Then, he laid down on the guillotine and awaited his death.

The executioners pulled the rope and the blade struck his head. They held his head up for everyone to see. The people yelled, “Long live the Republic!” The next years to come were those full of terror. Anyone could stand the same fate as Louis XVI. He was just the start of the bloody revolution.

My Comment: Hi Genna! I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post, very informative! I couldnt help to notice your impeccable vocabulary skills! I can tell that you are so smart and you work very hard at your school work. Also, I love the use of your ‘link’ in your second sentence. We are learning how to do that also, and I am a quite bit older than you! Keep up the hard work and embrace this site you have, you will use tools like these lots in your future classrooms!

Kayla Parazine

The next student I left a comment for was Nelson. You can check out Nelsons blog HERE!

Nelsons post this week was about a lady by the name of Ms. Dietra from the Poarch Creek Indian Reservation and spoke to his fourth grade class and he posted a picture of him.

My comment: Nelson, I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. It sounds like your class got a great presentation from Ms. Dietra from the Poarch Creek Indian Reservation! Did you enjoy it? What did she speak about?

Kayla Parazine

My Personal Learning Network

This class has taught me so much about technology. With my personal learning network it is easy to access tools that I need such as, google docs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Not only have I learned these different websites I am actually applying them in other classes besides this one. My PLN helps me navigate more efficiently now. I have added all of the different items to my Symbaloo. Symbaloo makes it very easy to navigate the multiple websites; you can even set it up as your home page, which I have done.
Personal Learning Network

C4T #4

This post was entitled Motivate Students to Learn without Rewards and Mr. Prater wrote about behavior management and how it tells us that we need to give something back when we take something away. We do not always get the polite students in our class, so how do we handle that? Some students will come from a less than ideal home so how do we motivate them? Grades are never enough and Mr. Prater rejects physical rewards, incentives, and bribes because they will not result in long-term changes in behaviors. However he says there are three alternatives that are easy to implement into the classroom and they are: Showing genuine care for your students, Demonstrate a constant excitement about personal learning, and introduce appropriate challenges.

My comment: Hi, I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. Your post was so inspirational and helpful for me as a prospective elementary teacher! I agree that genuine care has to be shown towards our students. I have heard that teachers are not only teachers, they are counselors, friends, brothers, sisters, etc. to those that do not have a person of that role in that child’s life. All students want to know that they are cared about and the outcomes in the classroom I would think would be more positive! In our EDM 310 class we are learning lots about technology in the classroom and how it engages and motivates students more. Like you said above, grades are not enough motivation anymore so therefore, we have to come up with other ways to motivate our students intrinsically.

Mr. Prater's post this week was titled "Loving the Unloveable Student". From the title you can probably guess what this post was about. Mr. Prater was informed that he was going to have to teach math to students that had been held back and at first he was not happy about it. His principal asked him the question, "what are you going to do about it?" so he decided that he was going to love these students not mope about it. Because of his attitude change, the students excelled and some went on to be doctors, lawyers, and teachers.

My comment: Mr. Prater, I am a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. Your post was so inspiring to me, as well as many others from the comments I see! You have definitely put into perspective for me on how important it is to love on our students not matter what. We never know what they can accomplish if we show them love and respect. I love the story about the young man who was so excited because his father took him out for pizza because he did well on an assignment. That shows me the importance of staying in contact with the parents about the students’ progress. This was so inspiring, and I will definitely apply this love concept into my classroom! Thank you