Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Progress Report for Final Project

My group started meeting on November 12 which was a Monday and we have been meeting every Monday and Wednesday since then. The Wednesday we return from Thanksgiving break we plan to record our video. In our video we are touching on two different topics. The first is what prospective students need to know before entering Dr. Strange's EDM 310 classroom. Next is what students will need to know and expect in the class. We plan on this video being 15-20 minutes long.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

Whole brain teaching
For this weeks blog post we are suppose to come up with our own assignment. I immediately knew what I wanted to do! There is a teaching concept entering classrooms today that is known as Whole Brain Teaching. Never heard of it? No worries, this assignment will help familiarize yourself with it and help you to apply it to any area of study!

1. Watch this 8 minute and 48 second video of Chris Biffle demonstrating whole brain teaching. How To Begin Whole Brain Teaching: 1

2. Watch this six minute and 34 second video of an actual teacher using whole brain teaching in her first grade classroom. Whole Brain Teaching: 1st Grade Classroom

3. Write a blog post about what you think of whole brain teaching. Do you think it is silly, stupid, useful, helpful?

4. Get to know the creator of whole brain teaching Chris Biffle and write a paragraph about who he is.

You can follow Chris on Twitter: @ChrisBiffle
Want to become certified in WBT? Follow this link to learn how!
Whole Brain Teaching is a method that integrates an effective classroom management system with learning approaches that tap the way your brain learns best. This approach is amazingly effective, and fun for both the teacher and students.I think whole brain teaching is a wonderful concept to incorporate into the classroom. It works well with any subjects! It seems to help manage the classroom better than any management tips I have ever heard or ever observed. It might have seemed a little absurd when I was first introduced to this concept, but I quickly realized it was a must to incorporate into the classroom.
Chris Biffle
Chris Biffle is the author of seven books (McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins) on critical thinking, reading and writing. He has received grants from the U.S. Department of Education and served on the Harvard based Perseus Project. In the last 10 years, Chris has established himself as nationally recognized authority on teaching challenging students; he has been lead presenter at over 50 Whole Brain Teaching conferences, attended by 5,000+ educators. Thousands of instructors across the United States and around the world base their teaching methods on his free Whole Brain Teaching ebooks.