Friday, November 30, 2012

Blog Post Assignment #13

Back to the Future

Check out the video HERE

This video was made by students at Kansas State University. A Google document was made that asked the students what it is like to be a student today. The students were invited to answer the question and make edits to the document. By the time the document was completed, 367 edits were made to the document. The video then shows students sitting in a classroom holding up a piece of notebook paper with different random facts about being a student today. Some students said how much time in a day it takes them to eat, how much they sleep, or how much time is spent doing homework, ect. With all of the hours added together it came out to be 26.5 hours a day. So how does all of these tasks possibly get done? It is call MULTITASKING! If we did not know how to multitask, we would never get any sleep.

I enjoyed watching this video. It is amazing that students in 2007 felt the same way about technology then, that I do now. Technology has definitely brought an entire new way of learning into classrooms. Some teachers are not using textbooks any more and relying strictly on technology and the web. It is really no need to be required to by a $100.00 textbook whenever it will never be opened or whenever you can find the same information on the Internet. Technology can help save some money by possibly cutting down on the money spent on textbooks.

A Vision of Students Today

This is a video done by students at Kansas State University. There was a document made in Google that was sent out to ask the students what it is like being a student in the world today. The students were encouraged to answer the questions and edit the document. There were 367 edits made to the document by the time they were finished. Then the video shows the students sitting inside their classroom holding a piece of paper with random facts about what it’s like being a student today. There were some student that wrote how much time in a day it takes them to eat, how much sleep they get, time dedicated to homework, and so on. When all of the hours were added to together, it totaled up to be 26.5 hours a DAY. There is just one question, how do they get all of this done? The answer is multitasking! If we did not multitask, we would never sleep!
I thought this video was very informative. It is crazy to see that students five years ago are saying the same things we say about technology today! Technology has changed the way we teach, learn, and communicate in the classroom. There are even some schools that are ‘going green’ with no textbooks, paper, or pencils in their classrooms and using strictly technology. I think that technology might even help schools in saving money in the long run because no textbooks will not have to be bought, and honestly whatever is in the textbook you can more than likely find on the web!

Check out the video HERE!

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