Sunday, October 7, 2012

C4K Posts

C4K Post

Comment One:
The first student I commented on wrote in his blog about 'Dot Day'. This story was one that the teacher read to the classroom and they made a day out of it at school. The student explained in his blog the story. The story was about a little girl who could not draw and complained to her teacher. Her teacher drew two dots on a sheet of paper asking the girl to connect them then make something out of it. The little girl ended up finding a creative way to draw between the dots, and the teacher thought it was so great that she ended up leaving the picture on her desk. So the little girl did not feel left out that she could not draw anymore, the teacher helped her prove that she did have talent.

I left a comment explaining what a good story teller he was and that I hoped dot day was a lot of fun for him. I also explained that I felt much like the little girl in the story that could not draw and I hope to be able to make my students feel like the teacher did in the story one day. I left him with the questions of if he enjoyed dot day and can he draw?

Comment Two:
The next comment I left was for Lauren. She was posting a blog comment about important things in her life. The things most important to her was her faith, family, and basketball.

I was able to relate to her on faith and family. I told her these were two very important parts of my life also, so we had something in common! Very cool. Also, I encouraged her to stay strong in her faith, and that it was encouraging to see a girl her age stand up for something like that.

comment Three:
My final comment was for a student who blogged about a made up story about the McCreamy family. They told how they ate ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All of their names had something to do with ice cream.

I commented saying that they were a very good story teller and if I was apart of the story I would fit right in because I love ice cream! I left them a question asking if they liked ice cream and is that why they wrote a story concerning ice cream? Also I encouraged them to keep writing. You can read this comical story about the McCreamy family here. And leave taydel954 a comment!

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